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Soul Based Manifestation Versus Mind Based Manifestation

How Soul Based Manifestation Can Grow Your Business Rapidly

Have you ever had a goal or intention that you struggled and failed to reach, but then something amazing happens that wasn’t on your goal list? Or you just had a random thought and it manifest soon after? It just happened as if by magic? Some people might call that a lucky break.

If you’ve used Mind based manifestation techniques like Visualization, Goal Setting, The Law of Attraction, Affirmations, then you know that reaching the goals you visualize can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it happens quick and easy, and other times it takes way too long, or never happens at all.

When you get a big breakthrough, or manifest your random thoughts almost immediately without effort, you get to leap frog your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if that was the way our business was most of the time? That the time it took between idea and manifestation, or marketing to large volumes of sales, would be relatively sped up, leap frogging over the day to day grind and struggle and stress?

Your Business would grow rapidly, and your Quality of Life would improve, giving you more time to do more of the things you love to do outside of your business. So let’s examine this seemingly magical manifestation dynamic closely, so you can more consciously create those breakthroughs and leap frog moments.

There’s a dynamic within us that I discovered when I went from a quarter of a million dollar business to bankruptcy bouncing back to build  my current highly profitable double six figure business really fast. I call it Mission Mojo.

10 years ago, I was working 7 days a week, except for one week over christmas, to build my Organic Day Spa into a busy successful business. While we were making a lot of money, the profit margin was next to nothing and started quickly slipping into debt. It didn’t matter how great my marketing was; how many affirmations and creative visualizations i did, how many referral campaigns I launched, I could not shift the equation between advertising money going out, and sales coming in to pay all the bills and staff.

I took on a business partner which resulted in the business crashing and burning within 8 weeks of her sabotaging plotting and planning.

When I finally figured out I wasn’t in alignment with my Soul’s calling, and what I was really here to do in this world, I set about building my new business around my life purpose and mission. The instant certain elements all aligned, I began to get “out of the blue” phone calls, opportunities, sales, and breakthroughs that leap frogged my results; took me to 6 figures in 10 month; made me an international best selling author in under 6 months; got me on the cover of a book with Deepak Chopra; and generated enough regular cash flow to allow me to live anywhere in the world.

Since then, these themes of alignment, leap frogging and speed of manifestation became part of my normal business life. As I applied the alignment formula I was using to help my clients and course participants, these same themes appeared for them too.

After doing a lot of research on manifestation and the Lores of Nature that govern our physical universe, I began to have a clearer comprehension of this Magnetic Purpose Alignment manifestation dynamic.

You see our Soul contains an electromagnetic field with information about your life’s purpose and how your life will progress if and when you follow that purpose and the best pathway set out for you. I call this your Mission Blueprint. Because just like a blueprint for a house, it contains a blueprint for how to build a stable, solid structure with a pathway to reach that stability. It also contains the pathway to your ultimate fulfillment and happeiness. Plus a whole lot of other details.

When we begin to align our actions and every aspect of our business to that blueprint structure, we activate the magnetic quality of our Soul to manifest the results more quickly than if we’re trying to manifest goals that are not on that blueprint.

So if the things you want to have happen in your business aren’t happening quickly, or you’re not getting those leap frog opportunities, and you’re working long hours to get a big list of overwhelming tasks completed so you can then make sales, or get the growth…. Then something is out of alignment.

There is a better way for you to conduct your business.  

The reason why Soul soul based manifestation is important for you to incorporate into your business, is because it has no “objections.” If something is part of your Soul template to achieve, you will achieve it. It might not always be easy, but it will happen a lot more quickly if you’re working in partnership with your Soul’s designated pathway to get there, rather than your ego’s or your mind.

Mind based manifestation is important too, but it’s a “Mind Field” because the mind also has “Objections”, while the Soul does not. Your Soul has no objection to you fulfilling the very purpose for incarnating. The mind does! I call it the Monkey Mind because like a Monkey it joyfully engages in constant chatter…. The human mind constantly has this chatter whirring around in the background….

“Yes but who am I do to that?”
“Yes but who will listen to me?”
“I’m not qualified to do that.”
“I’m not good enough.”
“I don’t know how to do that.”
“I could never do that.”

The sooner you make the switch to growing your business using this Magnetic Power of Purpose Alignment, the sooner you’ll take a big chunk of struggle, stress and time out of reaching Pleasure Island, where you have more than enough money to live, grow, invest and enjoy. You have the deep sense of fulfillment and success you’re wanting.

PLUS PLUS PLUS the freedom and lifestyle you thought you were going to get by going into business for yourself in the first place. The chatter doesn’t disappear, but it does fade away into the background as the attention to and power of your Soul’s Mission Blueprint comes to the fore front.

If you’d like to learn more about how to incorporate this this Magnetic Power of Purpose Alignment in your business; how to access your Mission Blueprint; and actually implement a few key alignment strategies to get the Soul Manifestation happening, then check out my

Join The 5 Day Purpose Aligned Business Challenge.

It’s free and designed to not only get you fully comprehending how this works, and why it works, but also to begin you planning the structure you need in your business to tap into this Soul Manifestation power, so you can leap frog and grow rapidly.

The other big difference between Soul Based versus Mind Based Manifestation is that the path of mind based manifestation, is fraught with waiting and frustration, while the path of Soul Based Manifestation is characterized by happiness, passion, fulfillment of purpose, making a meaningful contribution, making a big difference, and joy of living. It’s logical to make this “Strategy With Spirit” switch so you utilize the biggest asset you have – The manifestation power of your Soul!


Nicola Grace

The Mission Mentor
Founder Mission Mastery Academy



Nicola Grace has been a serial entrepreneur for 3 decades, having built 7 businesses in several different industries, some of which succeeded and one that failed all the way to bankruptcy. She has 20 years in Internet Marketing experience marketing a variety of products and now her own programs.

In 2006, after saving a billion dollar changeagent industry from ruin, while overcoming cancer for the second time, she developed a mission driven social business model that has taken her into an exciting global double six
figure business as The Mission Mentor. She now lives in paradise, travels the world, makes a global impact and bounces out of bed on working days, unable to contain her joy for what she does.

If you're like to learn more about building a highly profitable, sustainable purpose aligned business, take the 5 Day Purpose Aligned Business Challenge.




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